The Nintendo Switch OLED model is now available online

By: Sachin

The latest Switch model features a 7-inch OLED display, enhanced sound and increased storage. Unfortunately, though, securing one won't be easy

It seems like Nintendo’s stock of Switch OLED consoles has depleted for the time being

though other retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon may gearing up to release some more. We’ll update this post as the situation develops

The newest version of the immensely popular Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch OLED model, is now available online

So far, they’ve popped up at GameStop, but they quickly went out of stock. Though, a few Verge staffers have found success buying one through Nintendo’s online shop.

The Switch OLED model is the top end of Nintendo’s current console lineup, coming in at $350

while the standard Switch and portable-only Switch Lite each sit below it at $300 and $200, respectively

Its internal storage got a bump from 32GB to 64GB, too, but it’s still not a bad idea to get a microSD card, like this 400GB SanDisk model for $49 at Amazon