LG CX And GX Dolby Vision 120Hz Update Coming ‘Very Soon’

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Although it’s taken a little longer than initially expected, LG has told me this morning that

it expects to start rolling out a Dolby Vision at 120Hz firmware update for its 2020 CX and GX OLED TVs ‘very soon’ in South Korea

with a wider roll out currently scheduled to begin around the middle of next week

The update will fix the current limitation of the CX and GX sets whereby they can only play games in Dolby Vision from the Xbox Series X at a 60Hz frame rate

A limitation, by the way, which is shared by pretty much every other Dolby Vision TV from every other brand

LG tells me that the CX/GX update will be delivered globally next week following the initial imminent South Korean launch

rather than it being rolled out in different territories at different times as has happened with some previous LG firmware updates